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• 'Phases': New single of Ashlee and Evan out soon.

  15 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I told you about an interview Ashlee and Evan did with Tidal and ILY (here, I’ve added one more extract on the article). Unfortunately, the interview is only available for the people who have a Tidal account. I have been able to see the full video so I put you here what they have been talking about in it. Please, credit if you take it, I spent a lot of time doing it.

Ashlee explained that when she met Evan, she had not been into a club since a very long time. Evan got Ashlee in his own club : The Warwick. Evan told that even if they are parents, they can go out into a club. Ashlee revealed she was -when they met- like a grandma and Evan forced her to go out and have fun. She said Evan opened her mind and she discovered she can allowed herself to go out and have a nice night.

They said they weren’t friends before being a couple. They were attracted to each other and made out. They saw each other multiple times. The second time was when Evan saw Ashlee having lunch with her mother and Evan was staring Ashlee the whole time and says to her ‘It’s so sexy you are a mom’ and Tina Simpson said ‘I think that guy has a crush on you’.

Evan said he knew pretty soon that he was in love with Ashlee, maybe the third time when they were really together. Evan was already calling Ashlee ‘his wife’. Ashlee’s friends thought it was a little aggressive and soon but she liked it.

Ashlee said that Evan taught her so much like how to relax.

Then, the journalist proposed to them some questions asked by fans via social networks (the second one was mine).

How did you know or when did you know you were the one for each other ?

Ashlee : It was definitely something happening inside of my body, like I was… gets these… like butterflies or something like when I was around you my heart felt like it was beating… I don’t know, there was something. But I think that the one moment when I realized was the last time we hang out together, of the time before we actually got together : ‘I was like… Oh my god… I want like… Please come back tomorrow !’. He came back the next day.

Evan : Yes, I was getting in the car with my friend, Jazz and she like went into the car to me and says ’come back tomorrow’(Evan whispered).

Do you have any advice for someone dealing with confidence issues ?

Ashlee : I think that self love is so important, to always remember who we are and who our hearts are and I think the most important thing is always remembering we are all, you know, put here to be something special, remember that.

Has making music together altered your relationship in anyway ?

Ashlee : I think if anything its better because this is something we always wanted to do together. We started singing together when we started dating five years ago and we were all always like : ‘ oh we should do something like this’ and I feel like this is something we will have together for the rest of our lives. This is a project that we can look back on and be proud of each other and proud of this moment that we were sharing together.

Evan : I think it was harder on our relationship when I was away shooting ‘Star’. You know being away, we love being around our kids and we want to be around each other. I feel like if we can do things with each other, it’s amazing. Obviously, we got our own messages and things we want to spread separately but if we can find a way to like keep the unit, the family together, it’s amazing.

Describe love in three words.

Ashlee : Patience, communication.

Evan : Forgiving.

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  14 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Few months ago, Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross gave an interview to ‘Tidal’ in collaboration with ‘ILYMag’ about the subject : ‘What’s love?’. We finally have some extracts of the interview. You can watch the full interview if you have a Tidal account (here).

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  8 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Last year, Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross were at the fundraiser event for F*ck Cancer ‘Canyon Sessions’ where they sang some of their songs. We have a new video of the event and you can see Ashlee and Evan a little in it.

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  6 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Mischa Barton gave a new interview for ‘Cosmopolitan’ with her co-stars of ‘The Hills’ and they mention Ashlee.

“Audrina Patridge, 33, says that the last time she was here (The Ivy), she ran into Ashlee Simpson.

“I haven’t hung out with Ashlee since, like, 10 years ago,” Mischa Barton, 33, offers. “I have a couple of funny stories about her. One time, we were waiting for her at dinner and I texted her, and she was like, ‘I just stopped off to get a tattoo.’ Just a quick before-dinner tattoo! I was like, ‘Okay, I don’t think you’re going to make it to dinner.’”

We all laugh. It’s so Ashlee.

Source : Cosmopolitan.com

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  5 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Ashlee Simpson Ross, Evan Ross and Jagger Snow spent some times in Cabo few days ago and they posted some beautiful pictures from their trip on their Instagram. Plus, Ashlee answered a fan question on Twitter about ‘Phases’ released date and Ashlee said it will come out ‘very soon’. I can’t wait to listen to this new song of Ashlee and Evan!

GALLERY > Miscellaneous > Instagram/Twitter 2019

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  26 Fév 2019

Hello everyone! Here is a little video of Ashlee and Evan during the Vanity Fair event and a short interview of them with E!

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  25 Fév 2019

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 24), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross attend the ‘2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center’ in Beverly Hills and the ’27th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party’ in West Hollywood. They were at these two parties with Evan’s mom, Diana Ross and Evan’s sister, Tracee Ellis Ross.

GALLERY > Public Events > 2019 > February 24 – 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills

GALLERY > Public Events > 2019 > February 24 – 27th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party celebrating EJAF and the 91st Academy Awards in West Hollywood

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  21 Fév 2019

Hello everyone! Yesterday night (February 20), the episode of ‘Drop the mic’ featuring the rap battle between Ashlee Simpson Ross and Christina Milian has been aired. You can find the full episode here, I won’t tell you the winner in advance haha. You will also find gorgeous pictures of Ashlee from the show in the gallery and an interview with Hailey Bieber.

GALLERY > > Television Appearances > 2019 > Drop The Mic > Drop The Mic – Pictures

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  20 Fév 2019

Hello everyone! Here is one extract of the new episode of ‘Drop The Mic’ featuring Ashlee Simpson Ross and Christina Milian airing tonight at 10/9c on TNT.

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  19 Fév 2019

Kids are key! Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross tied the knot four years ago, and told Us Weekly that they keep the magic in their marriage alive with a little help from their kids.

“Even in the time that we’re working, we look at times where we can make sure we can get away and take trips with the family,” the Hunger Games actor, 30, told Us exclusively at the Sunday, February 17, Hollywood Beauty Awards. “We take [the kids] with us. I feel like that’s how I grew up.”

He added: “My mom used to take me everywhere. … We’d be running around doing the whole thing, so I feel like, why not?”

The Ashlee and Evan reality stars welcomed their daughter, Jagger, 3, in 2015. The “Pieces of Me” singer, 34, also shares Bronx, 10, with her ex-husband Pete Wentz. Both of the little ones tagged along on tour this fall when Simpson and Ross promoted their 6-track EP, Ashlee + Evan.

Hanging with their brood isn’t the only way they keep the romance in their relationship alive, though. Simpson added that another important aspect is hitting the hay at the same time.

“As long as I can get [Ross] on my bedtime sometimes,” she told Us. “I like to go bed early.”

When it comes to growing their family, the actress revealed that they “definitely” want to have more kids.

The two-time mom told Us the same thing back in October 2018, but admitted that she didn’t know when they wanted to have another. “We’ll figure out when it’s the right time,” her husband chimed in at the time. “It might just happen. It could just happen.”

For now, their two children are keeping them entertained. The pair revealed at the Hollywood Beauty Awards that Jagger is “a little dancer” who “loves wearing dresses,” and her older brother “plays basketball” and “is so cool.”

Source : USMagazine.com

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