17Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 16), Ashlee Simpson Ross went to a Yoga Class in Studio City. Then, she was seen with Evan and Jagger Ross in Los Angeles.

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Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 16 – Out & About in Los Angeles

15Fév 2017

Hello! Yesterday (February 14), Ashlee Simpson Ross went to the gym in Los Angeles.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 14 – Arrives at the Gym in Los Angeles

13Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 12), Ashlee Simpson Ross was at the Peppermint Club for Lady Gaga’s Grammy AfterParty with her husband, Evan Ross. I wanted you to know that I created a new page (here) on the website, I gather Ashlee’s posts from Snapchat. It’s protected by a password that I give you today : ashleesnaps3.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 12 – Arriving at Lady Gaga’s AfterParty at Peppermint Nightclub in Los Angeles
Gallery > Public Events > 2017 > February 12 – Interscope’s Grammy After Party with Lady Gaga at the Peppermint Club

10Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 9), Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross and Jagger Snow Ross were out for some errands in Los Angeles. Good news, Ashlee created a Snapchat account, it’s « ashleeross3 » ! Plus, Tracee Ellis Ross (Evan Ross’ sister) gave an interview on TV, it was asked what she thought about Ashlee’s voice (about 1 minute of the video) and her answer is so cute!

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5Fév 2017

Hello! Yesterday (February 4), Ashlee Simpson Ross was out in Los Angeles with her husband, Evan and their daughter, Jagger Snow Ross. Plus, there is a new ad of the show « Martha & Snoop » posted by VH1 on Instagram, we can see Ashlee & Evan a little (more informations about their appearance here).

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3Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Today, it’s a special article that I propose to you. Indeed, Evan Ross is one of the new faces of the campaign of « Gap » alongside other celebrities. He gave an interview to the website « Bet » where he talks about Ashlee, their album and his own projects so I thought it would be nice to share this with you. I also let you with some of the pictures/videos of the campaign.

BET: What was the vibe like on set?

Evan Ross: Oh my God, we had a blast! It almost felt like a reunion of sorts. We’ve all kind of known each other throughout the years and I think everybody was so excited to be a part of something so iconic and amazing. We were, like, learning dance moves, singing songs and doing all kinds of stuff. It was definitely an experience. You know, having Naomi Campbell there, everything — it was just really special.

BET: What did your mom, Diana Ross, say about the campaign when you told her?

ER: She was so excited. She was in the campaign with my sister Tracee in ’91. I even remember when they did that. You know I was young but I remember seeing the pictures and how excited my sister was. They were both super excited when I said I was doing the campaign. They were like, “GAP is huge!” It’s one of those things that’s been a part of my life for, like, ever.

BET: Do you incorporate any ‘90s gear into your wardrobe?

ER: Yeah, I feel like my entire wardrobe is ‘90s [laughs]. And I feel it’s like that for most of my friends too. It is the vibe right now. Even when I was there on set and I was going through the clothing that’s coming out. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I need all of things right now!”

BET: When did you first start paying attention or even caring about fashion and what you wore?

ER: I feel like I always kind of cared and wanted to have my own unique style since I was little. When you grow up with your mom being Diana Ross and sitting in the dressing rooms and looking at all the different pieces…I thought it was so cool that you could kind of play around and find you amongst different outfits and piecing pieces together that feel like you. Even when I do a movie, the first thing I do is tap into the character’s clothing and how to make that feel how it’s supposed to feel. Everything from the way you act to the way you feel starts off with what you’re wearing and being comfortable in your clothes and comfortable in who you are.

BET: If you had to predict who your daughter Jagger will take after style-wise, who would it be? You, your wife, your mom or another family member?

ER: Well, me and my wife have a lot of the same style. And Ashlee [Simpson] and my mom feel the same a lot about clothes too. They love the same stuff. We kind of all have a vibe that’s like each other. Sometimes, if I can fit in them, I’ll wear Ashlee’s jeans cause I like the real skinny fit. I’m pretty sure Jagger’s going to be a rock star from what I think ’cause she’s got her own vibe and is definitely strong about what she thinks.

BET: Any favorite pieces in your wardrobe right now?

ER: I have a ton of favorite pieces. I’m all about jackets that pull an outfit together. And I have boots I really love that Ashlee got me for Christmas. They’re like real big combat boots and I love them. I haven’t had combat boots in a long time so I got these and I’m obsessed with them. And I’m literally waiting for these — I don’t know what you call them — they’re kind of like high-waisted pants that the GAP has coming out that I’m dying to wear right now. I’ve already called like everybody saying, “I need to have these pants!” [laughs] I wasn’t wearing them in the shoot but one of the models was wearing them and I was like, “Dude, I’m not leaving until I get these.”

BET: What was your style like when you first stepped on scene?

Well, about 11 years ago I was shooting ATL which was my first movie. So around that time, it was different. I wasn’t wearing skinny jeans and all that. Baggy was the look. I probably looked like I was just drowning in my clothes. It was an interesting time.

BET: What’s next for you? Speaking of ATL, are the sequel rumors true?

ER: I don’t know if they’re going to shoot ATL 2. I know they’re not shooting it right now. Me and T.I. are really close and Chris Robinson and Dallas Austin…I know they would like to be doing that at some point, which I think would just be really fun to work with that whole cast again. We had such good time. But I have a bunch of stuff I’ve been creating. I just finished this one project, Superstition. And I got some other stuff, and we got the GAP so that’s what I’m excited about.

You’ll see some new stuff I’m developing, and music as well. Me and wife are actually doing a duet album now. People haven’t done that in such a long time. You think back to like Sonny and Cher, Marvin and my mom. Back in the day, it was something that people did all the time. It’s kind of bringing that inspiration of love and music into one.

BET: That’s exciting. Do you think you and Ashlee have similar music styles?

ER: Somewhat, but that’s what’s kind of cool about it because we kind of get to feed off each other. Some of the records feel more like the kind of music I’m into and some more like her. She’s put me onto music I’ve never heard before and I’ll do the same with her. So we’ve been tapping into all of those things and it’s been amazing. It’ kind of actually easier to do than our own individual albums because we get to do it together. We don’t have to leave each other all the time and we could bring the baby to the recording studio.

BET: Will Jagger be making an appearance on the album?

ER: Yeah, maybe…I think so.

Source : Bet.com

2Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Tuesday (January 31), Ashlee Simpson Ross was seen outside the gym before her workout in Los Angeles.

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31Jan 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (January 30), Ashlee Simpson Ross was seen walking to « Mendocino Sandwich » with her husband, Evan Ross in Los Angeles.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > January 30 – At Mendocino Sandwich in Los Angeles

30Jan 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (January 29), Ashlee Simpson Ross was out for lunch in Los Angeles with Evan Ross, Jagger Snow Ross and their friend, Tony DeNiro.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > January 29 – Out & About in Studio City

28Jan 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (January 27), Ashlee Simpson Ross was leaving the gym in Studio City.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > January 27 – At the Gym in Studio City