25Fév 2017

Hello everyone! We finally have a sneak peek of the appearance of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross in the cooking show « Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party ». Don’t forget to watch this episode on Monday (February 27th) at 10PM ET/PT on VH1. Ashlee is so beautiful, she is a ray of sunshine. I made captures of this video, the link is at the end of the article.

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24Fév 2017

Hello! Yesterday (February 23), Ashlee Simpson Ross was seen while she was doing some shopping with Evan Ross in West Hollywood. I also added to the gallery new pictures of Ashlee during her best friend’s (Lauren Harrison) baby shower. Moreover, we learned that Ashlee has refused to participate to the new season of « Dancing With The Stars ».

Gallery > Candids 2017 > February 23 – Leaving Fred Segal in West Hollywood
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23Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Today, I share with you a video that I just made of Ashlee Simpson Ross as Violet Foster in Melrose Place. she played this character in 2009 (more informations here). I hope you will like it, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

22Fév 2017

Hello! Yesterday (February 21), Ashlee Simpson Ross went to the gym in Studio City.

Gallery > Candids 2017 > February 21 – Leaving the Gym in Studio City

21Fév 2017

Hello everyone! This weekend, Ashlee Simpson Ross celebrated the birthday of her dad, Joe Simpson with her family and friends, some pictures have been published on Instagram. She also was at Christine Symonds engagement party.

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17Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 16), Ashlee Simpson Ross went to a Yoga Class in Studio City. Then, she was seen with Evan and Jagger Ross in Los Angeles.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 16 – Leaving a Yoga Class In Studio City
Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 16 – Out & About in Los Angeles

15Fév 2017

Hello! Yesterday (February 14), Ashlee Simpson Ross went to the gym in Los Angeles.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 14 – Arrives at the Gym in Los Angeles

13Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 12), Ashlee Simpson Ross was at the Peppermint Club for Lady Gaga’s Grammy AfterParty with her husband, Evan Ross. I wanted you to know that I created a new page (here) on the website, I gather Ashlee’s posts from Snapchat. It’s protected by a password that I give you today : ashleesnaps3.

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 12 – Arriving at Lady Gaga’s AfterParty at Peppermint Nightclub in Los Angeles
Gallery > Public Events > 2017 > February 12 – Interscope’s Grammy After Party with Lady Gaga at the Peppermint Club

10Fév 2017

Hello everyone! Yesterday (February 9), Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross and Jagger Snow Ross were out for some errands in Los Angeles. Good news, Ashlee created a Snapchat account, it’s « ashleeross3 » ! Plus, Tracee Ellis Ross (Evan Ross’ sister) gave an interview on TV, it was asked what she thought about Ashlee’s voice (about 1 minute of the video) and her answer is so cute!

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 9 – Running Errands in Los Angeles

5Fév 2017

Hello! Yesterday (February 4), Ashlee Simpson Ross was out in Los Angeles with her husband, Evan and their daughter, Jagger Snow Ross. Plus, there is a new ad of the show « Martha & Snoop » posted by VH1 on Instagram, we can see Ashlee & Evan a little (more informations about their appearance here).

Gallery > Candids > 2017 > February 4 – Out in Los Angeles