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29 Août 2017
This article was written by Laura


Hello everyone! Like you all know, Ashlee Simpson Ross will turn 33 years old on October 3rd, 2017. I want to make this day even more special for her and that’s why I propose to you a birthday project. It would be awesome to have a lot of participations and show to Ashlee that we still are here for her and that we don’t forget her!

HOW TO DO IT ? : You can send me everything that you want : a video (not too long), a picture of yourself, a message, a drawing, a montage… I will post everything on the website with a special article and I will try my best to show it to Ashlee during her birthday. It’s the same system that I did in 2015 (here). You can add your name, your age, your country and your username on social networks to your message.

• By email : ashsimpsondaily@gmail.com
• By DM on Twitter : @ashsimpsonfan_
• By DM or a comment on Instagram : @ashleesimpsonfan
• On Tumblr : ashleesimpsonfan
• On the website by leaving a comment.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will participate. I hope we will be many and that Ashlee will be very happy about it. Don’t hesitate to talk about this project to the people that you know and that appreciate Ashlee.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have some troubles to write in English, you can send me your text – in English – and I will correct your mistakes. Don’t be ashamed about that, it’s not easy to talk a foreign language. I am french myself and I am making some mistakes in English too.

The deadline is October 1st, 2017 so don’t be too late!