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10 Sep 2017
This article was written by Laura

Hello everyone! Yesterday (September 9), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross attended the “Operation Smile’s Annual Smile Gala” and they received the Universal Smile Award for the work they do for this organization.

Evan’s sister – Tracee Ellis Ross – delivered the award to Ashlee and Evan during the night. Here is the speech of Tracee about the couple : “Together, Ashlee and Evan have tirelessly lent their voices to educate, enlighten, and encourage people about Operation Smile’s work. As parents themselves to the most beautiful little niece of mine, they know that there is nothing more beautiful than a child’s smile and have advocated that someday all children will have access to this life-changing care.”

I post you the videos of Ashlee, Evan and Tracee on stage (credit : Khadijah Haqq McCray). Plus, Evan sang the song “Change The World” with his friend, Austin Brown during the event. Ashlee was stunning and I am so proud of her and Evan for using their voices to a beautiful cause.

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