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Welcome on Ashlee Simpson Daily! This website will provide you the latest news about Ashlee Simpson Ross. Ashlee is back : You can find her each Sundays on E! with her new show with her husband, Evan Ross : 'Ashlee + Evan'. Her new album with Evan will be released this Fall along with a tour. You can listen/buy their singles 'I Do' here, 'Paris' here & 'Safe Zone' here. is also available on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks for your visit! xoxo
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Message posté par Laura le 24 Mar 2018

Hello everyone! Yesterday (March 23), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross were seen while they were picking up Bronx Wentz (Ashlee’s son) at his grandmother’s (Tina Simpson) house in Toluca Lake.

Gallery > Candids > 2018 > March 23 – Pick up Bronx Wentz at Tina Simpson’s house in Toluca Lake