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Welcome on Ashlee Simpson Daily! This website will provide you the latest news about Ashlee Simpson Ross. Ashlee is back : She is in the show 'Ashlee+Evan' every Sundays on E! You can now buy her first EP of six songs (I Do, Paris, Safe Zone, Tonic, I Want You & Home) with Evan Ross called 'Ashlee+Evan' here. Ashlee is also working on a solo album and a clothing line 'ASR3'. is also available on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks for your visit! xoxo
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Message posté par Laura le 26 Mai 2018

Hello everyone! Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross gave an interview on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards. Unfortunately, I can’t share the video so I decided to write it to you (it may have some mistakes since I am french haha). You can find the end of the interview on my Instagram page (here).

Journalist : How are you guys doing ? First of all, you are coordinating great together.

Evan : Yeah, we try, we try…

Ashlee (laughing) : Yeah, it’s a thing.

Journalist : It’s exciting time for you guys right now, you both come from musical families and now you got a family on your own. Do you think your kids are gonna follow on your footsteps someday ?

Ashlee : Yeah.. I mean, it’s a possibility. Our daughter is definitely all about it.

Evan : She is singing all the time. She is definitely like her parents.

Journalist : You guys have a doc-series coming out so what are we gonna see in this doc-series, tell me…

Ashlee : You are gonna see us, you’re gonna get to see into our life and our families. We are making an album so you’ll see that.

Journalist : How is that working together making an album ?

Evan : It’s good, it’s amazing.

Ashlee : It’s been fun. I feel like when we first starting to dating we were always like singing and… it was a natural thing that happens.

Evan : It’s nice to be a part of this.

Journalist : So, who is in charge of the studio, be honest..

Evan : This is a process that I am in charge, mostly she makes the choice.

Ashlee (laughing) : We switched.

Evan (laughing) : Cause this is what happen, she’s gonna win no matter what.

Journalist : Thank you so much for coming by, nice to meet you both.

Ashlee : You too!