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Ashlee Simpson Ross ♡

Ashlee Simpson Ross (born on October 3, 1984 in Texas) is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is known for having played in "7th Heaven" as Cecilia Smith. Then, Ashlee started her singing career and released her first album, "Autobiography" in 2004. It was followed by two others, "I Am Me" in 2005 and "Bittersweet World" in 2008. She also played Roxie Hart (in 2006, 2009 & 2013) in the musical, "Chicago" at the Theater.
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4th Album ♪

Date : July 29th, 2018
Name : No name for now
Info : A "Love Album" with Evan Ross
Next : A Solo Album (pop rock)
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Clothing Line ✿

Info : With Evan Ross
When? : On June 1st, 2018
Where : In Zadig & Voltaire store
Next projects : A unisex line with Evan and a fashion project of her own
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The Raw Word

In today's episode of "The Raw Word," co-host Claudia Jordan visited with actor and musician, Evan Ross and his wife, musician Ashlee Simpson for an exclusive at-home interview. The couple shared intimate details about their lives in Hollywood, their children, Jagger and Bronx, Ashlee's upcoming album and their desire to have more children.

When ? : March 6th
Where to watch ? : Here
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Ashlee & Evan

This new docu-series will follow actress and singer Ashlee Simpson-Ross and her husband actor and artist Evan Ross. We'll get an inside look into this young millennial couple as they try to balance life as new parents with a solid foundation of humor and love. Coming from two famous music families, Ashlee and Evan will take viewers inside the recording of their first duet album. Fans will see Evan's rising star in music and Ashlee cautiously jumping back into the music world. We will watch as they face challenges and success in their marriage and music while receiving the unwavering support from their legendary families and life-long friends.

When ? : Starts on September 9th, 2018
Where to watch ? : On E!
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A la Une ! 10 Juin 2018 par Laura

Ashlee Simpson relays the pieces of her life to Us. Read on to learn 25 things about the singer, 33, who launched a unisex capsule collection with Zadig & Voltaire — available worldwide now.

1. My favorite place in the world is Italy. That’s where I want to go right now!

2. My first job was a Kohl’s commercial.

3. Of everything that’s in my closet, I couldn’t live without my bags. I have a good collection of bags and vintage T-shirts.

4. My secret obsession is my kids [son Bronx, 9, with ex Pete Wentz, and daughter Jagger, 2, with husband Evan Ross]… but that’s not really a secret!

5. I probably have weird habits, but I just don’t know them ’cause they’re weird, right?

6. People would be surprised to know that I know how to do ballet. I can lift my leg up!

7. If I weren’t a singer and actress, I probably would have been a ballerina.

8. There are way too many cringeworthy moments from my MTV reality show [2004’s The Ashlee Simpson Show], but hey, it’s all about putting yourself out there!

9. My go-to karaoke song is [Pat Benatar’s] “Love Is a Battlefield.”

10. I would never jump out of an airplane.

11. I love kitten heels right now. They’re easy to walk in.

12. My secret beauty ritual: I’ve been using castor oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows and it’s been really great for letting them grow.

13. I’m a perfectionist about my hair color. I love when my hair is bleached, but unfortunately I can’t do that all the time.

14. My first big purchase was a Louis Vuitton suitcase.

15. I’d rather be on Dancing With the Stars than The Apprentice.

16. My go-to board game is Scattergories.

17. My most embarrassing moment was probably SNL!

18. Lately, I’ve been afraid of heights. That’s a new thing. My stomach drops. At Disneyland [on a roller coaster] I was like, “Whoa! Hey!”

19. Growing up I was probably more of a party animal than a straight-A student.

20. I talk to myself in the shower and sing. I take showers with my daughter and we sing all the kids’ songs.

21. I fangirled over Debbie Harry and Gwen Stefani when I was younger. I was like, “Oh my gosh! [Gwen and I] have the same birthday!”

22. A quote that I live by is to “enjoy life and be happy.”

23. I relax on days off by Netflix and chilling!

24. I have so many favorite shows. I love Jane the Virgin and Vanderpump Rules. I also love Trust on FX.

25. The nicest thing a fan has sent me is probably [scrapbooks]. Those are always very special to me and I’ve collected them throughout the years.

Source : USWeekly

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