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Welcome on Ashlee Simpson Daily ! This website will provide you the latest news about Ashlee Simpson Ross who is back with a new EP with her husband, Evan. She is now working on her solo album and her clothing line.
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Nov 2018
Article rédigé par Laura

Hello everyone! You can finally buy your VIP tickets for Ashlee and Evan’s tour for all the dates here. Ashlee and Evan celebrated Halloween with their family and friends, you can find the pictures here. They are so beautiful, I love Ashlee’s makeup!

Plus, Evan Ross gave a long interview to his friend, Jason Lee for ‘Hollywood Unlocked’. During this interview, we learned that Ashlee and Evan will go on tour in January but they think there will be a second part of the tour, the dates must match with their children’s schedule school. Evan also said that Ashlee and him are still working on new songs together so it’s possible that we will have a second EP. He talked about giving a second season at ‘Ashlee+Evan’, they didn’t make a decision yet. Maybe they will do another season which will film them during their tour. The next projects for Ashlee and Evan are : Evan is working on a movie project with Tony Kaye. Ashlee will work on her solo album as well as Evan probably at the same time. Evan also talked about Bronx Wentz, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson. It was a really great interview, Evan is an amazing man.