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  15 Nov 2018

In the new episode of my podcast The Dan Wootton Interview – which you can subscribe to for free on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts – Evan says Diana became a second mother to the Billie Jean legend.

The singer, who was 21 when MJ died, tells me: “I had a really incredible relationship with him. In the later years my mum was like a mum to him and I think some of the most special times he spent was with my mother“.

And even now being so close to (Michael’s daughter) Paris and the family I feel like he’s still here so it’s really special you know. But he was amazing, he always looked out.”

Evan started his music career by singing songs to Michael down the phone.

He explains: “We talked about music and everything. He knew I wanted to do music. He used to tell me, ‘I’m gonna tell you a secret, how you really get to be amazing.’

At 30, Evan is stepping out from his mother’s shadow – but he insists he never felt troubled growing up as the son of an icon.

He explains: “I didn’t find the shadow tough, I feel like it’s a really special shadow to be under“.

My mum is so supportive and I think a lot of being around what I was around is what makes me so creative“.

You want things to be so perfect because someone like my mother’s incredible,. you just want it to be good.”

Opening up about the now infamous performance of SNL, Ashlee reveals she was desperate to pull out because she had woken up with vocal nodes.

She says: “I couldn’t talk and I was like, ‘I’m not doing it.’ I’m like writing it down. And this is what you learn – you learn that when you say no you mean no“.

As a young girl everyone’s like, ‘You’re on the biggest show and you have to go on and sing on it.

Reflecting on the tatters her career was left in following a wave of international criticism, she says: “Oh my God, this poor 19-year-old girl, go give her a hug! It was just so wild. It taught me to be such a fighter.”

Evan and Ashlee have a three-year-old daughter called Jagger (naturally named after Mick) – but she co-parents her nine-year-old son Bronx with Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz.

We all get along. We lucked out,” Ashlee enthuses.

Evan adds: “You hear about horror stories about things like that so it could have been something totally different.

But we have such a respect for each other and an understanding and he’s a father and I get to be the bonus dad so that’s good.”

All the family, including Diana, feature on the brilliant new show, which screens on E! from January – but the songs by Ashlee+Evan are out now.

Source : FireNewsFeed.com

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