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Project for Ashlee’s 35th Birthday! ♡

Hello everyone! In one month (October 3rd), it will be Ashlee’s 35th birthday! Like the other years, I propose to you a birthday project to put a giant smile on her beautiful face.

For this year, I thought it would be nice to gather 35 things that we love about Ashlee and 35 things she has brought/change to our life through all these years. Since I would like to have 35 sentences, it would be nice that everyone choose at least 5 points and I will gather them all (if I have too much, I will choose one or two of them to add to the message for everyone to be included to the project).

Send me your message by email : or by DM on Instagram & Twitter.

Thanks in advance, I hope you will like this project!

Deadline : September 28th, 2019.