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// Article written by Laura //

Hello again!

Yesterday, some fans met Ashlee during her Fashion event in Newport Beach. Jackie was one of the luckiest ones and had the chance to talk a lot with our favorite singer. She shared informations with me about Ashlee’s 4th record and her next projects.

Ashlee said that the rumor about her first single coming out next month is false. She thinks we will hear her first song in six months. She also said she didn’t sign with a label yet. She wants to finish her album before that. She is in the studio every weeks and proud of the process. She is writing about the ‘past, present and future’.

She also confirmed that she is still working on her bag line and plans a clothing line for kids with her good friend and stylist, Natalie Saidi.

I am really excited about all of these news! Ashlee seems so happy to make music and share it with us. Many thanks to Jackie, you truly are the best.