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This website will provide you the latest news about Ashlee Simpson Ross. Ashlee is back into the music industry with her husband, Evan Ross. You can buy their first EP of six songs (I Do, Paris, Safe Zone, Tonic, I Want You & Home) called 'Ashlee+Evan' here & their song 'Phases'here. Ashlee is now working on a solo album and a clothing line 'ASR3'. Ashlee-Simpson.us is also available on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks for your visit! xoxo
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  8 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Last year, Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross were at the fundraiser event for F*ck Cancer ‘Canyon Sessions’ where they sang some of their songs. We have a new video of the event and you can see Ashlee and Evan a little in it.

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  13 Août 2018

Hello everyone! On Saturday (August 11), Ashlee Simpson Ross, Evan Ross and Bronx Wentz were at the Canyons Sessions’ event to raise money for cancer in Los Angeles. Ashlee and Evan performed two songs (“I Do” and “I Want You“) during the event (see the article below for videos).

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  12 Août 2018

Hello everyone! Yesterday (August 11), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross performed at the Canynon Sessions to raise money to support a fundraiser for cancer. We have videos of their performance. They sang two songs from their upcoming album :”I Do” & “I Want You“. These songs are so good! I am so excited to listen to their joint album. Find their whole performance here (password: ashleesnaps3).

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. #letsfcancer #canyonsessions #LA #california

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Ashlee + Evan

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I do, I do, I do 💓 #ashleesimpson #evanross #canyonsessions

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  7 Août 2018

Hello everyone! Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross will perform this Saturday (August 11) to support a fundraiser for cancer. If you want more informations and buy tickets : here.

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