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This website will provide you the latest news about Ashlee Simpson Ross. Ashlee is back into the music industry with her husband, Evan Ross. You can buy their first EP of six songs (I Do, Paris, Safe Zone, Tonic, I Want You & Home) called 'Ashlee+Evan' here & their song 'Phases'here. Ashlee is now working on a solo album and a clothing line 'ASR3'. Ashlee-Simpson.us is also available on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks for your visit! xoxo
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  28 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Yesterday (March 27), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross did a little interview for E!News talking about Birdie, their tour and their new single ‘Phases’. Plus, you will find pictures of them on the set of ‘Daily Pop’.

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  25 Mar 2019

Hello again! Today (March 22th), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross did a live on Instagram and answered to fans questions. Ashlee confirmed there won’t be a second EP (‘Phases’ was the last song from their duet projects for now). But they are now working on their solo albums. Ashlee wants to have another baby but probably next year after her solo record. Ashlee also mentioned that she will probably perform her old songs on her solo tour like ‘Autobiography’. Evan said they’ll still be working together through new songs and maybe concerts. You will find the video of the Instagram video below.
Plus, you will find another video from their interview with Michael Yo.

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  25 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Today (March 25), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross made an interview with Access. Plus, find some pictures of Ashlee and Evan from the event organized by ‘Neiman Marcus’ x ‘Paper Magazine’. Ashlee looked absolutely gorgeous!

GALLERY > Public Events > 2019 > March 24 – At Neiman Marcus x PAPER Magazine’s New Men’s Spring Campaign Launch Party in Beverly Hills

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  22 Mar 2019

Forget everything you thought you knew about Ashlee Simpson. The singer, fashion designer, and reality television star may have spent the better part of her life in the public eye, and in front of the camera, but for her latest musical endeavor, she’s introducing fans to an entirely new identity.

Following the October 2018 release of Ashlee + Evan, a collaborative EP created with her husband Evan Ross, the pair have returned, unveiling their latest single “Phases.” The track, which comes just weeks after the couple wrapped their joint North American tour, continues their previous idea of mixing together genres and sounds. And although fans might be familiar with Ashlee’s previous penchant for punk rock on her solo work, this latest single, much like their EP, features a pop meets soul vibe that longtime fans of the “La La” singer might be surprised to hear.

Speaking with Teen Vogue, Ashlee explained why she decided to try something new for her work with Evan. “It’s a really different sound for me, and it’s a departure from the sound I’m used to,” she said. “For me, I grew up loving soul music, and in a sense, I got to play with Evan’s style of music which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

In fact, Ashlee admitted that she was surprised by the continued, ongoing support of followers. “Seeing fans I haven’t seen in years [while on tour], and seeing that they’re still loyal was an amazing experience,” she said.

As for Evan, who is the son of legendary soul singer Diana Ross, the world of music is like second nature to him, too, and he said that the song represents a coming together of their individual ideas. Unlike working on a solo release, this single required the pair to agree on a direction. “We have to switch it up, and work together throughout the entire [writing and recording] process,” he said.

Although “Phases” marks a definite shift in sound for Ashlee, the single proves just as catchy as her past hits, including “Pieces of Me” and “L.O.V.E.” According to the couple, the new song is about sticking by the one you love, and it takes inspiration from the dynamics of their relationship. “A lot of people ask what it’s like for us to work together, and for us, it’s inspiring,” Ashlee said. “Even if we have individual ideas, we work together.”

Both Evan and Ashlee admit that there’s no future plans to possibly release a full-length collaborative album, but they did reveal more major things are coming. Along with the launch of a future new handbag line from Ashlee, the pair both intend to release new solo albums. There’s no word on possible release dates, but Evan promised that their collaborative work was only the beginning, saying, “We’ve got a bunch of different projects we still have yet to reveal.”

Source : TeenVogue.com

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  22 Mar 2019

Hello again! Today (March 22), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross gave an interview to the show ‘Daily Pop’ to promote their new single ‘Phases’. Ashlee looks absolutely gorgeous!

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  22 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! The new single of Ashlee and Evan ‘Phases’ is out since midnight on every streaming platforms! This song is so amazing, Ashlee’s voice is the best in it. You can find the lyrics here. Plus, Ashlee and Evan did some interviews yesterday in Chciago and we have the pictures of them when they were at the B96 Chicago studio. Finally, Ashlee and Evan shared on their stories on Instagram the stories behind each songs of their first EP.

GALLERY > Public Events > 2019 > March 21 – At the B96 BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage in Chicago

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  21 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Today (March 21), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross did two interviews : the first one was for B96 Chicago and the other one for the show ‘Showbiz Shelly’ on 1035 KISS FM in Chicago to promote their new single ‘Phases’ (out at midnight)! Ashlee confirmed she will work on her solo album soon and not making a break, she is also working on her clothing line with Evan, ‘Jagger Snow’, and on her own handbag line ‘ASR3’ for ladies.

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  20 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross announce that their new single, ‘Phases’ will be available on Friday (March 22). You can listen to a preview on Spotify (here). I am so excited!

Lyrics of the preview :

Love ain’t the same without you
Sad ain’t the same without you
House simply isn’t home
Been there so I would know

GALLERY > Miscellaneous > Ashlee + Evan : Single Covers
GALLERY > Photoshoots > 2019 > Photoshoot for ‘Phases’

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  5 Mar 2019

Hello everyone! Ashlee Simpson Ross, Evan Ross and Jagger Snow spent some times in Cabo few days ago and they posted some beautiful pictures from their trip on their Instagram. Plus, Ashlee answered a fan question on Twitter about ‘Phases’ released date and Ashlee said it will come out ‘very soon’. I can’t wait to listen to this new song of Ashlee and Evan!

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  29 Jan 2019

More than a decade after Ashlee Simpson brought her punk style to the pop music scene, the songstress is back with a new sound, an EP with husband Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross), and a family-focused outlook to balance it all. We chatted with the duo during their recent tour about their artistic styles, plans for the future, and more.

The Ashlee + Evan EP features a variety of different sounds. Is there one track that you think most represents who you are as a duo?

Each song means something different to us and they’re each so special in their own way. Our single, I Do, is special because we declare our love for each other. Home is about how we built this special world we get to live in together. And songs like I Want You and Tonic are just so fun to perform together.

As you both come from musical families, how have their influences helped shape your current or future projects?

We are so thankful & lucky for the support we receive from our families. They’re always available to talk and are uplifiting. We love them so much!

What is the biggest misconception about creating music and/or touring with your spouse? What are the positives and challenges of performing as a duo?

The positive is that we get to spend time together! We decided to do this project because we were barely seeing each other because of our work schedules. This special project brought us together and we’ve had a blast being around each other! The biggest misconception is that it would be difficult to spend so much time together but actually it was really fun for us!

Ashlee, you incorporated a number of your older songs like “Pieces of Me” into the setlist, which were written when you were a teenager. How did you get back into that mindset?

Those songs meant a lot to me back then and will always be a part of who I am. It’s easy for me to perform these songs all over again. And it is so fun to bring back that time in my life!

Describe both of your songwriting processes separately, and how did you merge them together?

We both have different ways of writing but when we come together it’s about coming in with an open mind and letting the process flow how it’s supposed to.

Ashlee, you made your debut during a time where female pop artists had a lot of pressure to fit a certain mold. Do you approach your career and your public persona differently in today’s music industry?

I learned a lot because I grew up in this industry. These days, I’m comfortable in my own skin and know who I am. I’m now a mom! Which is one of the most beautiful things. So I find that I make sure there’s time for my kids as well as getting into the studio and hitting the road for tour. I want to set a good example for them.

What are your favorite things to do on a day off in between shows?

We like to relax and spend time with our family. We’ll watch movies and order Postmates. That’s our favorite.

What are each of your biggest goals personally or professionally for 2019?

We’re excited to go back into the studio to finish our 2nd EP together. AND we’re both going back into the studio for our solo projects. We can’t wait to see what comes from those sessions. Plus of course, we want to make sure our kids have an amazing year of growth, happiness and health. 2019 has already started off great because of our first tour together, but we can’t wait to see what else it holds for us!

The Ashlee + Evan EP can be found on iTunes and all major streaming platforms. Make sure to follow them @ashleesimpsonross and @realevanross on Instagram for all of the latest news!

Source : Thenewnine.com

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