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This website will provide you the latest news about Ashlee Simpson Ross. Ashlee is back into the music industry with her husband, Evan Ross. You can buy their first EP of six songs (I Do, Paris, Safe Zone, Tonic, I Want You & Home) called 'Ashlee+Evan' here & their song 'Phases'here. Ashlee is now working on a solo album and a clothing line 'ASR3'. Ashlee-Simpson.us is also available on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Thanks for your visit! xoxo
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  29 Mai 2018

Hello everyone! We had many informations about Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’ projects these past few weeks so I decided to do a summary for you with the main informations :

• The clothing line of Ashlee & Evan, “Jagger Snow”, in collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire will be available on June 1st, 2018 in stores and not on May 23rd like it was planned.

• Ashlee and Evan will appear on a docuseries on E! on September called “Ashlee & Evan”.

• The show will focus on them doing music together and their life as parents, husband and wife.

• Their duet album is going to be released soon, at the same time as the their docuseries.

• Their record will be pop, soul and rock.

• Ashlee will make a pop rock album in the future (after her duet album with Evan).

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  8 Avr 2018

Hello everyone!
Here is the lookbook of Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross for “Zadig & Voltaire X Jagger Snow” and the text which presents their collection (click here to see it all). I am so excited for them and these pictures are so beautiful.

Love. Equality. Freedom.

Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) and Ashlee Simpson are excited to debut “Jagger Snow,” a new line of unisex, easy-to-wear clothes. The collection, named after their little girl, Jagger Snow, has a spirit of free love and artistry, just like their relationship. Zadig&Voltaire FW18/19 is their first collaboration.

The ten-piece collection is embellished with peace symbols and lyrics from their forthcoming duo album: “We don’t need permission to love,” “Like a bird you set me free,” and “I want to be a part of you.” Their songs come to life in the collection, one in which societally imposed divisions fail to matter. The two multi-faceted artists have used their contrasts to create unity: a wardrobe for both men and women, in which boyfriend jeans, ripped tees, hoodies and jackets can each be styled in a multitude of ways, re ecting the individuality of the wearer. The message is clear: there are no boundaries here.

Inspired by the daily lives and love of the two creators, this street-style collection conveys a message of equality and independence. This is fashion as a living expression of the free spirit they boldly personify. With Jagger Snow, this rocker duo proudly proclaims: love is art. Zadig is Ashlee. Voltaire is Evan.

Available in Store May 23rd 2018


Gallery > Photoshoots > 2018 > Zadig & Voltaire X Jagger Snow

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  5 Avr 2018

Good news! Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross are still working on their clothing line called “Jagger Snow” and they decicded to create ten pieces for the famous brand “Zadig & Voltaire“. Their clothes will be available on May 23rd. The aim of this clothing line is “love” and “freedom” with messages like “Like a Bird You Set Me Free” or “We Don’t Need Permission To Love“. Their line is definied as rock and unisex with the Peace & Love symbol. You will find three pictures of Ashlee & Evan on the gallery and some pictures via Instagram stories during the clothes’ presentation to their friends and family here.

Gallery > Photoshoots > 2018 > Zadig & Voltaire X Jagger Snow

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  14 Mar 2018

Hello everyone! It’s finally here, we have the full episode of the appearance of Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross in “The Raw Word“. Their interview begins in the 30th minute of the video. They talked a little about their album during the interview. They are so adorable! Plus, I just wanted to tell you that Ashlee & Evan are working a lot on their joint album, they almost are in studio every day so it’s coming soon, I am so excited about this. Plus, don’t forget that I regularly update the “Ashlee Simpson Snaps” part on the website, you can see them in the studio.


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  28 Oct 2015

We knew that Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross planned to create their own clothing line but we didn’t know if the project was still on going or not. Yesterday, Evan confirmed, on twitter, that there will be a clothing line with Ashlee, it’s in “process”.

Just to remember, Evan spoke to E! News about the project in 2014 : “We’re working on that, that’s the truth, the truth is—I know it sounds crazy—but we wear a lot of the same clothes. She wears a lot of my pants and certain things and we switch up outfits a lot so…we had an idea kind of about a He + She = We and kind of an androgynous line would be really cool” he shared.

Are you excited about this project ?


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