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Ashlee Simpson Ross (born on October 3, 1984 in Texas) is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is known for having played in "7th Heaven" as Cecilia Smith. Then, Ashlee started her singing career and released her first album, "Autobiography" in 2004. It was followed by two others, "I Am Me" in 2005 and "Bittersweet World" in 2008. She also played Roxie Hart (in 2006, 2009 & 2013) in the musical, "Chicago" at the Theater.
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4th Album ♪

Date : Fall 2018
Name : No name for now
Info : A "Love Album" with Evan Ross
Next : A Solo Album (pop rock)
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Clothing Line ✿

Info : With Evan Ross
When? : On June 1st, 2018
Where : In Zadig & Voltaire store
Next projects : A unisex line with Evan and a fashion project of her own
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The Raw Word

In today's episode of "The Raw Word," co-host Claudia Jordan visited with actor and musician, Evan Ross and his wife, musician Ashlee Simpson for an exclusive at-home interview. The couple shared intimate details about their lives in Hollywood, their children, Jagger and Bronx, Ashlee's upcoming album and their desire to have more children.

When ? : March 6th
Where to watch ? : Here
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Ashlee + Evan

This new docu-series will follow actress and singer Ashlee Simpson-Ross and her husband actor and artist Evan Ross. We'll get an inside look into this young millennial couple as they try to balance life as new parents with a solid foundation of humor and love. Coming from two famous music families, Ashlee and Evan will take viewers inside the recording of their first duet album. Fans will see Evan's rising star in music and Ashlee cautiously jumping back into the music world. We will watch as they face challenges and success in their marriage and music while receiving the unwavering support from their legendary families and life-long friends.

When ? : On September 9th, 2018 I 10PM
Where to watch ? : On E!
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Happy 33rd Birthday, Ashlee! I wish you all the best for this new year and I hope it will begin with many loves and hugs from your loved ones, you really deserve this. Here is your little gift from your fans all around the world, we gathered to wish you a happy birthday! You are such an important person in our lives. You literally changed my life and you are still changing it. I have accomplished so many things thanks to you, I just have to think about you to feel better or listening to your songs to find strength that I can’t have by myself. I want to be a better person thanks to you, to be as special as you are to me. I have a little story to show you how much you help me in my life : I had to pass my driving licence one year ago but I was so anxious. You liked my picture on Instagram the day before and I immediately feel strong and that I can do it and I did it. I had my driving licence ! Thank you for being such a wonderful woman who takes time for me. I know you are busy and you have your own life and projects so I can’t thank you enough for all the things you do for me. Like your song “Better Off” says : “I think of you and everything’s alright”, you are this person, this someone who never lets me down no matter what. You are more than a friend, more than an inspiration, you are unique and no one will have the same place as you have in my life. You have a special place in my heart and it really is a big one.

I kept your message from last year with me (it’s my phone background with a picture of you), I can read it every time I open my phone or when I need to read it. Thank you for this sweet message, for taking time (once again) during your birthday for thanking me. Thanks to you, I am feeling special, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve always support you, every day of my life so you can imagine how I feel every time you notice me. Your voice is so unique, there is no one who sings like you and that’s another thing that I love about you, you are unique in every possible ways. Every projects you did were unique and you always killed it. I saw some videos from your performances as Roxie Hart and you blew me away, you are so amazing. I wish I will have a chance to see you on stage one day. It’s my biggest dream because I am sure it will be the best show that I will ever attend in my life. It’s the same thing when I saw you on stage of the “Girl Cult” Festival, you were very inspiring (that’s why I choose this extract at the beginning of the video, I like this part). I love seeing you so powerful and so determined to give a message that is so important for all the girls, women and men in this world. You inspired me again, to be a better person like you always did. You are such a wonder in this world, my own wonder, my hero who makes me laugh, smile, happy, cry sometimes by your kindness, your talent, your personality, your beauty, your love. I appreciate that you are such a loving woman. You always spread love and peace, it’s so beautiful to have this kind of role model into its life. Every time I see someone taking a picture with you, they always say how incredible or nice you are and it warms my heart. You are brilliant Ashlee… Look at you now, mom of two beautiful children who seem so happy, so respectful, so adorable and you are married to an awesome husband who blows me every time with his kindness and his art. You two are the most inspiring couple. I am so happy you found each other, you are adorable together and I wish to both of you the best life together.

I hope we will be able to listen to your new songs soon. Everyday, I wake up hoping that a new song or your album is out. Music always have been a big part of my life and is such a good therapy. Your music is really important to me and is always with me during each steps of my life. Thank you for making such great records. I listen everyday to your songs, they make me strong. That’s why I need to hear new ones. You are an artist who literarly changed the music industry. And today, in your honor, I will listen to many of your songs to celebrate the birth of the most inspiring and talented woman in the world. Thank you for being you, Ashlee. Thank you for all of these amazing songs you made. Seeing you making your albums in “The Ashlee Simpson Show” showed to us how important music was for you and it’s so important to all of us too. Your music and your lyrics are always in my head and I am never tired of listen to them.

I would change this feeling that I have for you for anything in this world. I won’t be there or the person I am without you. It’s weird to say all these things to you, I am someone who is so shy but I’ve always been better at writing and I think that’s why I wrote all of this to you. I am sure if I see you one day, I won’t be able to say a word. You will probably never know that it’s me haha. But, I promised to myself that if I have this chance in my life one day, I won’t mess this opportunity so we’ll see if it’s happen. My message is so long and I am so sorry, I am sure I could write the double but I will stop. I just wanted to thank you, to let you know that you are an important person in my life and that’s why I wanted to do this fan page and this website to show you how much I love you. Once again, happy birthday Ashlee, you are my hero and you always will be. I love you with all my heart!

Laura (25 years old, France) : @ashleesimpsonfan on Instagram | Webmiss of


Happy Birthday Ashlee!! I wish you the best of days you have grown to such a beautiful woman and have such a beautiful family I adore you so much I remember back in high school your music helped me through a lot and I hope someday you will make at least one more album it would mean the world to me! I love you.

Zachary (Gloversville, NY) : @Oshes On Twitter.


Annemarie (18 years old, Netherlands) : @Camdens_7thheavxn on Instagram


Happy Birthday to a beautiful talented young lady I’ve loved you since day one Ashlee I hope ur day is as perfect as you are lot’s of love from ur number one English fan. Susan in Spain.

Susan (32 years old, Spain) : @Susan_lily_naylor on Instagram.


Ashlee Ross,
Happy birthday!! Ever since I was 13 you were my idol. I loved your amazing personality, your fashion sense, your quirky adorable personality. I love seeing you blossom into the person you are. I hope one day I can be as flawless and amazing as you are.
Happy birthday Queen Ashlee! Thank you for always inspiring me.

Jenna(20 years old, New York) : @Jennam_1 on Instagram.


happy Birthday Ashlee!!! I hope you have a great day and we are still waiting for your next album! I hope You will succeed!

Daria (Russia) : @Dariaminyaeva on Instagram


Happy birthday, Ashlee! I hope it’s filled with joy, love, and plenty of time spent with friends and family. Your music never fails to bring back amazing memories, and who doesn’t know all the words to your hits? Now if only you’ll grace us with some more kickass girl power music. We miss you and I’d buy tickets to your show in a heartbeat! I also adore your sense of style. Happy birthday, girl! Xoxo


Ashlee, happy birthday! I hope you have a day as amazing as you are! I just wanted to say thank you. For inspiring me and for making music that gets me through the times when I’m alone in high school, and giving me something to dance to when I’m feeling like embarrassing all of my friends in public with my sick moves. Thank you for making Evan so extremely happy, seeing a huge smile on his face can brighten any day. You two are my favorite couple ever; I aspire to find someone who makes me as happy as you guys make each other, and to be able to touch the world as you two have. Keep it up, you’re an inspiration to all of us. Have a fantastic day, Ashlee. We love you!

Kendal (15 years old, USA) : @Realkendalpaige on Instagram


Happy birthday Ashlee! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with love. Your music was my saving grace growing up during hard times. The slower serious songs really resonated with me. I felt your emotion through Undiscovered, Beautifully Broken, Never Dream Alone and many more. Those were my feelings too. The upbeat songs helped me dance around and have fun despite what was actually going on with me. As I’m much older now, I still look up to you immensely. I aspire to have a wonderful marriage and beautiful children just like you! I can speak for all the fans and say that we care about you so much and can’t wait to hear new music!

Rock on, Ashlee

Haley (26 years old, USA) : @Haleyalysha


Hey there, Ashlee. First of all, happy birthday! I want to thank you for the music, you don’t how important it’s been to me. No Time for Tears and Undiscovered are on the top of my list. Keep growing as a person and hopefully, continue doing great music. Love ya!

Fabián (Chile) : @fars8 on Instagram


Happy birthday Ashlee!! I love your songs, i send you a big hug from Argentina!!

Marina : @Minacasella on Instagram


Happy bday ashlee!!! Your music speaks so much to me when I’m sad and I never want you to stop doing what you’re doing!

Mackenzie (13 years old, Canada) : @Mack___04 on Instagram


Bella (15 years old, USA) : @Batheartwentz on Instagram


The whole realm of art is a little emptier without you and your voice in it. You know that, girl. So much love to you on your birthday, and so much happiness that you’ve grown so much as a woman. Hope you have a wonderful day Ashlee. Xxx

Jessica (26 years old, Canada) : @Circleofsnakes on Instagram


Much love & happiness from germany to you ashlee! Love you! @batforaheart with baby girl Alice-Haylee

Stefanie (26 years old, Germany) : @Batforaheart on Instagram


Happy Birthday Ashlee! You have been a inspiration to me the last 13 years. I can’t wait for new music! I love you!

Richard (25 years old) : @Richardnieto_ on Instagram


Hi Ashlee, a very Happy Birthday to you! You are getting more beautiful every year! I’ve been a fan since 2004 when you stole our hearts on the Ashlee Simpson Show =) Hoping for your return in the music industry one day soon, lots of love from England. Emma Thompson. X

Emma (England) : @Emmakate2289 on Instagram.

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