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// Article written by Laura //

If the couple who creates together stays together, then husband-wife duo Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson-Ross are pop-rock solid. Along with their new E! reality show and forthcoming joint album, the pair also has found time to collaborate with Zadig & Voltaire on a new unisex fashion capsule called Jagger Snow.

We’ve always shared clothes,” Simpson-Ross told The Times during an interview earlier this spring at the Zadig & Voltaire boutique in West Hollywood. “Evan has such great taste. When we first started dating, I was like, ‘Yes, a new wardrobe!’

Ross, who married Simpson-Ross in 2014, agreed. “We got together and got a whole new closet,” he said, adding that he often borrows his wife’s vintage T-shirts, jackets, kimonos and, now, Jagger Snow pieces.

Named after their 3-year-old daughter, the fall/winter 2018 capsule collection includes a cashmere sweatshirt, a denim trucker jacket, an edgy tee and boyfriend jeans. “We wanted to do something fun and wearable,” Simpson-Ross said of the line, which is priced from $108 for a T-shirt to $628 for a dinner jacket. The 10-piece collection is available in Zadig & Voltaire stores and online at through the end of the year.

We were looking through lyrics and we wanted something that spoke to the idea of love and trying to make this world a better place.

Beyond its name, Jagger Snow features a number of personal touches, including original drawings by Ross. “He does really cool stuff,” Simpson-Ross said. “Evan is an amazing artist.”

Ross said he drew inspiration for his fashion designs from Michael Jackson’s wardrobe in the King of Pop’s “They Don’t Care About Us” video. The couple also decided to emblazon a few collection pieces with song lyrics from their new album. “We wanted it to have a piece of us,” Ross explained. “We were looking through lyrics and we wanted something that spoke to the idea of love and trying to make this world a better place.”

The couple said they had their supportive family members, including Ross’ mom, superstar Diana Ross, and his older sister, “black-ish” star and Emmy nominee Tracee Ellis Ross, and Simpson-Ross’ sister, singer and entrepreneur Jessica Simpson, in mind as they were working on the collection. “Jess will like this jacket a lot — it’s very her,” Simpson-Ross said, referencing a green army jacket from the capsule.

Then Ross pointed to the black blazer his wife was wearing and said Tracee would be a fan of the piece because “it’s a great cut.”

Although the gender-neutral collection was named after their daughter, Simpson-Ross said 3-year-old Jagger Snow has a distinctly feminine style all her own. “She definitely loves her tutus,” she said, adding that Jagger Snow is also a fan of princess dresses.

If she’s feeling her outfit, she’ll definitely go check herself out in the mirror,” Simpson-Ross said with a laugh.

She gets that from her mom,” Ross added.

And she loves if I wear a dress,” Simpson-Ross continued. “She’ll say, ‘Mama, you have a tutu on.’ She wants me to dance if I wear a dress. It’s very cute. Some of the things that I have she’ll want to put on.” Simpson-Ross said she often caves and will let her daughter wear her oversized dress, which then regularly prompts a performance from the little girl. “She’ll sing Evan’s mom’s song, ‘Stop! In the Name of Love,’ with a sequined dress on,” she said.

The couple is also in the midst of fine-tuning their joint album (expected to drop in October), which infuses Simpson-Ross’ pop/rock background with Ross’ love of R&B and soul. They said many of the songs are a nod to yesteryear; they collaborated with Verdine White from the classic funk and soul band Earth Wind & Fire on the project.

Ross said the best part about being frequent collaborators is “getting to spend time with each other.” It’s a natural partnership — personally and professionally. “We always sing together,” said Simpson-Ross, adding that she and her hubby first connected over music.

We met dancing with each other,” Ross explained. “We were at a house party.”

It was my friend’s birthday,” Simpson-Ross said.

I knew her friend, and I was like, ‘You guys should come by the studio,’” Ross said. “So we went back to the studio and then we were making out.

So funny,” Simpson-Ross said with a chuckle. “We didn’t record a song that night.”

I’m glad we didn’t record that night,” he said, laughing at the memory.

In their new E! series, “Ashlee+Evan,” which debuted earlier this month, fans of the couple are getting a closer look at their husband-and-wife antics. “A lot of times what people see is what they hear or what’s on your Instagram,” Ross said. “A photo or something like that [doesn’t allow you] to really get to know someone. It’s nice to be able to share the process of us making an album as well as who we really are.

Simpson-Ross has experience with the reality TV genre, having starred in MTV’s “The Ashlee Simpson Show” in the early aughts. “It was different for me this time,” she said of the new show.

Ross said they enjoyed the process of shooting the show with Jagger Snow and Simpson-Ross’ 9-year-old son, Bronx Mowgli, from her previous marriage to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. Viewers, Ross said, will “get to see us in love and having a good time and loving our children and making music.”

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// Article written by Laura //

After 13 years, Ashlee Simpson-Ross is once again ready to show the pieces of her through a new docuseries on E!. This time, she’s joined by husband and Star actor Evan Ross.

The six-episode show, titled Ashlee+Evan, chronicles the celebrity couple as Ashlee returns to work after a decade of being a stay-at-home mom and how that changes the family dynamic. She and her spouse (who is the youngest son of Diana Ross) give viewers a glimpse into their everyday lives — the people in the circle, their creative process, and more. Through it all, they’re collaborating on projects including a duet album, which comes with a unique set of challenges.

Before the show’s premiere, Ashlee and Evan sat down for a Q&A to talk about why they agreed to have cameras follow them at this stage in the game.

Take me back to when this project came about. Did you two have any trepidation about putting your life out there at this stage of the game?

Evan: Yeah. We were definitely frightened [Laughs]. It all started with me and Ashlee working on our album. We wanted to film the process because we were having a lot of fun with it. For one, it was the first time we’ve ever done it together like this. It was something that was a long time coming so we really wanted to document it.

Then it ended up kind of turning into something else. We started to realize a lot of where the inspiration came from comes from our actual life and our home life and our relationship and our family. Slowly but surely, we thought it would be nice to do a documentary or document it in some kind of way that was entertaining and [gave people a chance] to get to know us. It turned into a docuseries/reality show — we wanted it to feel very authentic. That’s how it all began, and here we are now.

Ashlee, you’ve been through the process before. What was it like to have the cameras back on you in this kind of environment?

Ashlee: It was definitely a different experience. It has been a long time, but it was nice this time to be a producer on the show. We had a hand in how it was shot and what we were doing. That was very nice but the first few days I had to get used to it.

What’s great about the show is you can feel the love with your family and your support system. There are things you go through and disagreements you have, like any other couple, but it’s not drama for the sake of drama. Did you get a sense that your approach to reality TV was different?

Ashlee: Definitely.

Evan: Truthfully, we really did open up our world to the world, you could say. We didn’t want it to feel manufactured in any sort of way. We didn’t want to do something to just make people laugh or push the limits. We wanted it to feel like us. I hope and think we are entertaining enough. We really wanted to spread a positive message, too. The world is ready for positivity and love right now.

The first episode really sets the tone for the series; There are these touching, emotional moments with mom Diana Ross listening to the music you created. What was it like to have the family agree to be shown as part of the series?

Evan: I just feel really lucky I have family that loves and supports us in the way they do. And that also trust that we’re going to do something that is right in the right kind of way. They did and do. It’s really special because they are such a huge part of our lives. My sisters, brothers, mom — especially my mom, who is such a huge inspiration in my life. She has been so supportive of me and Ashlee, marrying me and Ashlee. It was really special that we were wanting and willing to do it.

What was it like watching the show back? When you’re in the moment, I’m sure it’s a different perspective.

Ashlee: The first time watching it I was a little nervous. Then I was happy how it came out.

Evan: I was actually impressed that it really was us.

Ashlee: Me too.

Evan: Even after the editing process we didn’t lose ourselves in it or what we were trying to do. It really felt right.

Ashlee: And the storylines are what was actually happening.

Evan: It really was truthfully going on.

Viewers from all walks of life can certainly relate to juggling career and family — having one spouse travel for work while the other takes on the role of both parents. Even your friends are going through their own struggles, which we see on the show.

Ashlee: We have such incredible friends. I think going through the stories, sometimes we didn’t expect moments to happen. They just happened. There are moments in there that show the way we support our friends and we hope that comes to light. We would like to spread a little positivity.

Evan: I think it’s nice being able to share these experiences with people. I think, even in a working relationship, all that stuff becomes hard. When one parent has to take over a lot of the parenting and the other is working. Then it switches. It is a real thing, we all deal with it. I’m sure because I know a lot of my other friends are going through it, as well. Everybody wanting to do the best we can, I think, that is what we are showing.

What can we expect this season as it progresses? Are we going to be seeing the finished album?

Evan: You’re definitely going to see us working our way up to a performance.

Ashlee: We go on a journey of being parents, trying to find our balance. For me, it’s about getting back to work again. You see all that.

Evan: Then there is a lot of chaos and craziness.

Ashlee: Our friends are fun to watch. They are hilarious.

Ashlee, are we going to see your sister Jessica on the show?

Ashlee: Yes, she makes an appearance.

What can you tell me about the album itself? I believe it was supposed to come out this fall. Is that still the plan?

Evan: With every episode, a record will come. The first one is coming out a few days before the premiere on September 7. This way, you get to really live with us through the entire process of making this album. Even though, by the time we finish shooting, we’re still working on a lot of the music. We are still in the studio working. But you really get to see what is going on as we’re doing this album.

What kind of vibe are you going for?

Evan: It’s definitely soulful. You hear influences in our vocals. Ashlee, you always hear her rock vocals — that soulful, tone that gives such a raspy vibe.

Ashlee: It was different vibes we went through for this. We got to work with Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Evan: He has become someone close in our life. You get a taste of a lot of different inspirations we have in the music as you listen. It was definitely a passion project.

And on top of that, you have a fashion line named after daughter Jagger Snow coming out! I don’t know how you juggle everything.

Evan: I’m not sure either right now. But we have that, we’re working on that. We released that Zadig & Voltaire capsule, which we are really proud of and loved working with them. It was a nice lead-in to the unisex line we are creating now.

After all you experienced in the docuseries, do you want this to be a one-and-done season or would you be open to doing more?

Evan: We’d be open. We just have to figure out what it would be about. We had an amazing experience. It worked out nicely.

Ashlee: It did. It was a nice experience.

If the music resonates and the show is successful, could you follow it up with a tour? What are you hoping for once the show and music reach the public?

Ashlee: We would definitely love to do a tour together.

Evan: We are even talking about it now, getting out there.

Ashlee: It has been fun to start to perform together, as well, learning with each other. So that has been cool.

With your background and being husband and wife, you certainly bring something different to the table. It adds a different dynamic to what is out there.

: That’s what we think. We make great music together, and it’s something we can start now and continue to do in the future. Keep it in the family.

Ashlee+Evan, Series Premiere, Sunday, September 9, 10/9c, E!



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Hello everyone! On August 16th, Ashlee Simpson Ross went to InStyle Magazine (first picture below).

Yesterday (August 17), Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross gave an interview to Refinery29 (starts at 19’37 in the video below + second pic of the article) to promote their new show “Ashlee + Evan“. We learned that Ashlee is working on a new clothing line (ASR3) which will be available next year.

Later, they were at the Shazam office, we have two pictures (pic 3 & 4 of the article) to promote their new show and their music (see here a story posted by Shazam).

Finally, they did a photoshoot with Erik Melvin while they were on a date in New York, the pictures are really beautiful. Erik took many pictures of them and Jagger during their trip (here).

Last information : Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross will be on ABC Good Morning America on August 21st, 2018.

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// Article written by Laura //

Article By Allie Jones

The pop-rock songstress and MTV star gave up celebrity in 2008. Now she has a whole new famous family, and they’re coming for the Kardashians’s time slot.

Did you miss Ashlee Simpson?

The occasionally brunette younger sister of the always-blonde Jessica Simpson has led a quiet, private life in Los Angeles for the last decade. So if you forgot about her stints in MTV reality television (“Newlyweds,” “The Ashlee Simpson Show”), or the three pop-rock albums that followed those shows (“Autobiography,” “I Am Me” and “Bittersweet World”), or her marriage to Pete Wentz (now you remember), consider it forgiven.

After the birth of her first child, in 2008, Ms. Simpson retreated from fame to focus on motherhood. Now, at 33, she says she is ready to “jump back in the pool.”

This fall, she will release a new album, launch a clothing line and star in a reality show for E! — all at the same time. The synergistic approach worked for her before: “The Ashlee Simpson Show,” which cast her as the rebellious, dark horse sister of a pop princess, helped her first album go triple platinum in 2004.

A lot has changed since then. When Ms. Simpson’s eponymous reality show premiered on MTV, only a few celebrities, like Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith, had embraced the medium. Ms. Simpson’s father and then-manager, Joe Simpson, saw in television an opportunity for his daughters. He first engineered a new level of fame for Jessica beyond her singing career with the 2003 MTV reality show “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica”; it focused on Jessica’s “dumb blonde” antics, Christian upbringing and young marriage to the 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey. For “The Ashlee Simpson Show,” Mr. Simpson, a former pastor, abandoned the Christian message and presented Ashlee as a success-driven teen determined to get out from under her sister’s shadow. Both shows were immediate hits and made the Simpsons household names.

Today, the reality TV pool is a vast ocean, populated by innumerable attractive people with entertaining family dynamics. The Kardashian sisters picked up right where the Simpsons left off when they launched their reality show on E! in 2008 and have since created a billion-dollar brand. When Ms. Simpson’s new show premieres in September, it will air in the time slot following “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” (Again, synergy.)

As of this moment, the sisters from Calabasas are the biggest names in reality. But Ms. Simpson has a new family dynamic that she hopes will be entertaining enough to differentiate her from the pack. In 2014, she married Evan Ross, the youngest son of Diana Ross and the late Norwegian businessman Arne Naess, Jr. (Like many of his siblings, Mr. Ross uses his mother’s last name.) This unlikely union, between a former teen reality star from Waco, Tex., and the son of a pop legend, who grew up palling around with Michael Jackson in his mother’s Greenwich, Conn., home, will be the focus of the series, titled “Ashlee & Evan.”

Mr. Ross, who sings and acts in the Fox series “Star,” will also share top billing on Ms. Simpson’s new album. The couple has recorded a series of soulful duets — inspired, they say, by those performed by Ms. Ross and Marvin Gaye in the 1970s — and they will release a new track with each episode of the show. (The clothing line is similarly a joint effort: It is named after the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Jagger Snow, and features gender-neutral pieces reflective of the couple’s tendency to share clothes.)

The family’s decision to pursue reality TV was born of a desire to broadcast their happiness, Ms. Simpson said on a recent Friday afternoon in a recording studio in Hollywood, sitting on a deep leather couch next to her husband.

Both she and Mr. Ross were wearing slim, light-wash jeans and oversized white T-shirts, and the two were physically expressive with each other, taking turns praising each other’s talents in conversation. At one point, Mr. Ross sat on the arm of the couch above Ms. Simpson and rubbed her shoulders. They said they were happy and they did seem that way.

But they had a problem. “I feel like people see pictures of us, but they don’t know us,” Ms. Simpson said. It’s an issue they hope reality TV will fix.

O.K., but Can We Talk About Diana?

Mr. Ross and Ms. Simpson were married on a drizzly day in August 2014, at Diana Ross’s estate in Greenwich, Conn. The bride wore a white lace crop-top wedding dress and a feathered tiara; the groom wore a black velvet tuxedo and a Homburg hat. Ms. Ross’s backyard was strung with dream-catchers and flickering white lanterns to reflect the couple’s “bohemian” style, and a choir closed the ceremony with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

The event was a true blending of famous families: The groom’s half sisters, Chudney Ross, Rhonda Ross and the Emmy-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross, were bridesmaids, and Jessica Simpson was the matron of honor. Jessica’s husband, the former N.F.L. tight end Eric Johnson, was a groomsman, and the couple’s children, Max and Ace, filled the roles of flower girl and ring bearer. The bridesmaids reportedly all wore heels from the Jessica Simpson Collection (available at a Macy’s near you).

Diana Ross not only hosted but officiated the couple’s ceremony and later, performed at the reception.

It was amazing,” Mr. Ross said. “I kept telling people before the wedding, ‘I think Mom’s gonna perform.’ She had never said she would, so she was like, ‘You better stop telling people I’m performing at your wedding!’ And then right after the wedding, we’re at the party, and all of the sudden I could hear Mom’s voice coming over, and she sang ‘Endless Love.’

It was “magical,” said Ms. Simpson, who also goes by Ashlee Simpson-Ross. “I love her so much.”

Mr. Ross and Ms. Simpson grew up across the country from each other, where both dreamed of becoming famous someday. Ms. Simpson got her start playing a teenage babysitter on the Christian family drama “7th Heaven” before breaking out as a personality on “Newlyweds.” “The Ashlee Simpson Show” followed shortly thereafter, when Ms. Simpson was 19 years old. Mr. Ross, who is now 29, said he caught the bug even earlier. “I think I was always singing and dancing for somebody,” he said, in a light, melodic voice. “I can’t imagine you not!” Ms. Simpson said, laughing and clasping his hand.

Naturally, the two met through friends at a club in Hollywood. Mr. Ross said he was — is — good friends with one of Ms. Simpson’s ex-boyfriends, the spiky haired singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera, who featured heavily on “The Ashlee Simpson Show.” Mr. Ross and Ms. Simpson started dating officially in 2013, two years after Ms. Simpson split from her first husband, Pete Wentz, of the band Fall Out Boy. (Ms. Simpson and Mr. Wentz share a 9-year-old son, Bronx Mowgli.)

Mr. Ross was aware of Ms. Simpson’s work before they started a relationship. “I had seen maybe an episode or two” of “The Ashlee Simpson Show,” he said, grinning. “I thought she was super cute.”

Ms. Simpson, in turn, was very familiar with Mr. Ross’s family. She recalled feeling nervous before meeting Diana Ross for the first time in 2013, after a concert Ms. Ross performed at the Hollywood Bowl. “I tried to wear something really cute,” she said.

The initial meeting went well, and Ms. Simpson got her future mother-in-law’s approval. “She loves Ashlee so much,” Mr. Ross said. “They’re somewhat a lot alike in ways.”

In fact, Mr. Ross said, his mom “was just at the studio last week” offering counsel on the couple’s album. “She’s so involved in our life and music and [with our] kids. As much as she’s still working like crazy, she’s so excited about all the stuff we’re doing and the music.”

And she has brought Ms. Simpson into the family fold. Ms. Simpson’s father managed her early career, but she now shares a publicist with her husband and Ms. Ross.

Tracee Ellis Ross is similarly supportive. “I talk to Tracee almost every day just about everything,” said Mr. Ross. The “Blackish” star helps the couple decide when “to say no to stuff,” he explained. “Tracee’s wise,” Ms. Simpson concurred.

Ms. Ross said in an email that she thinks the couple’s reality show “is a beautiful and perfect celebration of their love of each other and I am so thrilled that it showcases their music, because I think their music is incredible. I am also very excited that Ashlee is singing again! She has such a beautiful voice.

So: Will Diana Ross be appearing on reality TV? What about Tracee? Mr. Ross would not say for sure. The show is currently being edited, and, he joked, some people “might not make the cut.”

My mom and dad are definitely on it,” Ms. Simpson said cheerfully.

“Little Ashlee”

Ms. Simpson’s parents were heavily involved in her first show, which premiered on MTV on June 16, 2004. Her father was an executive producer, and her mother, Tina Simpson, made frequent appearances to teach her daughter the important lessons of adulthood, like how to use a mop. The show aired in the time slot directly following “Newlyweds,” and each sister regularly appeared on the other’s program.

Though “The Ashlee Simpson Show” was launched as a follow-up to the successful “Newlyweds,” it mostly served to establish Ashlee as a distinct character from Jessica, who at the time was famous for proclaiming to be a virgin before her wedding day and for her lovably ditsy struggle to embrace domestic life. (“Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish?” she famously remarked on “Newlyweds,” in reference to a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna.)

During the first season of her show, Ashlee dyed her hair dark brown, made out with boys (including Mr. Cabrera, who happened to be a client of Mr. Simpson’s, too) and scrawled pop-punk songs about “living in the shadow” of her sister in her notebook. During a recording-studio scene in which she “wrote” a song about growing up with Jessica, she described the concept to her older, schlubby male producer: “I’ve been wanting to write a song about being in the shadow, and I always felt like I was sort of like stuck in the shadow, but I think it’d be cool if it was like, coming out of the shadow, don’t you think?”

“Right,” said the producer, strumming an acoustic guitar and staring into the middle distance.

The program was both a successful vehicle for Ms. Simpson — many of her songs featured on the show, “Shadow” included, made their way to the Billboard Hot 100 — and a brilliant display of the silliness involved in star-making. In another scene, Ms. Simpson went to visit Geffen Records’ then-president Jordan Schur along with her ever-present dad, Joe. Discouraged by the slow progress of making her album, Ashlee, wearing a bright aqua tank top, slunk into an oversized arm chair in Schur’s office. Mr. Schur reminded her of his vision for her music in baldly comical record-executive-speak. “I feel you’re one part pop, one part rock, and then you’re one part Ashlee,” he said. “I mean, there’s something very unique about you.”

“The Ashlee Simpson Show” also brought viewers behind the scenes of dramatic events in Ms. Simpson’s life, like the “Saturday Night Live” lip-syncing incident. In the fall of 2004, she appeared on the late-night show to perform two hits from her first album. She played the first song, “Pieces of Me,” without a hitch, but when she returned to the stage to perform the second, a backing track of her singing “Pieces of Me” rang out, while she held the mic by her side. Panicked, Ms. Simpson danced awkwardly for a few seconds (she later described it as a “hoedown”) and ran off the stage. NBC quickly cut to a commercial, but the damage was done: News outlets replayed the embarrassing moment for days.

On the first episode of the second season of “The Ashlee Simpson Show,” however, the Simpsons reclaimed the narrative, before that was even really a term of art. MTV aired footage of Ms. Simpson preparing for the ill-fated performance. She admitted to lip-syncing and revealed that she nearly lost her voice the morning of the show after a bout of acid reflux. She consulted with a doctor on the set of “S.N.L.” who advised her not to sing live in order to avoid further damage to her vocal cords.

Addressing the incident on the show was a canny move, in terms of publicity. It created a second wave of coverage of the event, but this time it was more positive and engendered sympathy for the teenage acid reflux sufferer. (The Kardashians now use this playbook to deal with scandals on their shows.)

Looking back now, I just want to go hug that poor girl in those moments,” Ms. Simpson said, sighing and reminiscing about the humiliation. “Like, ‘Aw, little Ashlee.’”

She needs a hug!” Mr. Ross said.

This time, Ms. Simpson will have even more control of her narrative: She and Mr. Ross are executive producers on “Ashlee & Evan.”

We wanted the show to look a certain way and have certain feels,” Ms. Simpson said.

Sometimes, when reality TV stars become producers, their shows get boring. What public figure would choose to air their worst moments to an audience? But Ms. Simpson assured me “Ashlee & Evan” will have plenty of drama.

There’s drama,” she said, giggling.

The thing about us is, we are passionate, so we do argue,” Mr. Ross said. As an example, he said, sometimes he wants to stay late at the studio to work on music, and Ms. Simpson wants to go home to the kids.

We do go through things,” Ms. Simpson added. “I think for me, as a mom, getting back into music, and getting back to working and like, balancing — that is a real juggle for me.”

Onscreen drama makes for good TV, but it can be the kiss of death for romance. Does it worry the couple that some marriages — Ms. Simpson’s sister’s included — last only as long as the show does? (Jessica filed for divorce from Mr. Lachey a few months after the final episode of “Newlyweds” aired.)

Everybody’s like, are you worried about your relationship? And the whole thing like that,” Mr. Ross said. “But I’m like, if something that bad happens in your relationship because you guys are working together doing a show, then you probably weren’t supposed to be together. It might have helped you guys figure out that you guys weren’t working!

Ms. Simpson said her sister was “very encouraging” when she told her about the new show. “She was like, ‘Go show the world your sweet self.’”

In an email, Jessica expressed wholehearted support for the new venture. “Ashlee is an incredibly smart woman,” she said. “She is a wonderful wife and mother. She and Evan bring out the best in each other, they are all heart!

“Conversations of Love”

Like “The Ashlee Simpson Show,” “Ashlee & Evan” will serve as marketing for the real product: music. “Each episode, it’s really true to us, and at the end of every episode we’re releasing a single,” Mr. Ross explained. “It’s a cool, unique kind of way of doing something.” He expressed excitement about bringing their musical vision to a wider audience. (Though Mr. Ross grew up, as he says, “in the public eye,” he is not as well known as his wife.)

The duets Ms. Simpson and Mr. Ross have been working on bear little resemblance to the kind of punk-influenced pop Ms. Simpson released in the mid-2000s, however. In the studio, they played me three of them, all soulful, ’70s-inspired numbers about falling in love. (“I Do,” which their publicist said he envisions being played at weddings, goes like this: “You’re asking me if I love you/ I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.”)

The theme of the album, Ms. Simpson said giddily, is “conversations of love.”

She came up with that idea,” Mr. Ross said.

He looked to his mom as an influence when they were writing songs, as well as to her friends “Michael” (that would be Jackson) and Luther Vandross. The Ross family connections also led Mr. Ross and Ms. Simpson to an unexpected collaborator on their album: Verdine White, the Grammy-winning bass player from Earth, Wind and Fire. Mr. White hopped in the studio one day to sit in on a recording session, and he liked the music so much, the couple said, that he asked to play on the entire record. “He is the best,” said Ms. Simpson, reverently.

And he comes with presents!” Mr. Ross added. “We get to the studio and he had like, candles with our names on it that he had got at Barneys. He’s like the sweetest dude of all time.”

Mr. White will appear on “Ashlee & Evan,” the couple said.

Ms. Simpson said that she is excited about taking a new musical direction. “Growing up I always loved soul and R&B and India Arie and Lauryn Hill and all that, and I think like you’ll feel vibes of that,” she said. But she still sounds like Ashlee. “I feel like my tone of my voice, you definitely know it’s me,” she giggled.

Throughout our conversation, both Mr. Ross and Ms. Simpson expressed that the timing for all of this — the album, the show, the clothing line — is right. They couldn’t say why, exactly, but they believe it. Despite how long she’s enjoyed a relatively private life, Ms. Simpson said she isn’t nervous about courting public attention again. “All that time” she has been off the air “has been great and precious for me, because I’ve really grown up and I’m a different woman,” she said. “I’m grown up now. And I have good love.”

Mr. Ross and Ms. Simpson said they did not have particular sales numbers in mind for the album or a ratings goal for the show. “I mean, everybody wants things to do well, but I think the good part about this is like, it’s all love,” Mr. Ross said. “What’s the worst thing that could happen?

People don’t like it,” said Ms. Simpson.

You just gotta hope for the best,” Mr. Ross said. “Man, if they totally don’t like it, you’re like, damn, I must be boring.”

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// Article written by Laura //

Two is just not enough for Ashlee Simpson and husband Evan Ross!

Simpson and Ross have talked about expanding their family in the past. But now we have a better idea of how many more kids they want — and they’re definitely of two minds about it.

The couple recently sat down with ET’s Keltie Knight to talk about music, Ross’ famous mom, disco/soul goddess Diana Ross, their new clothing line and their growing family. The couple married in 2014 and have a 2-year-old daughter, Jagger, and Simpson is also mom to 9-year-old son Bronx from her previous marriage to Pete Wentz.

But two is definitely not enough, the couple told ET.

In discussing Jagger’s upcoming third birthday in July, Ross said, “She changed my life, it’s been amazing.”

Definitely more kids in the future,” Simpson responded. “Well a kid, another kid.”

I want five more, she said one more,” Ross added.

I’m like, take it one at a time,” Simpson said, laughing.

The couple heaped praise on Ross’ mother, whom they call “Mama D,” who pitched in on the couple’s upcoming album of duets.

She actually came up with a melody that we ended up writing a song to,” Ross said.

That was fun,” Simpson agreed.

Best of all, she said, Mama D has been super supportive of their growing family.

Mama D’s like super supportive so I feel like with her she’s like you know on our team you know for sure so that’s nice,” she said.

Aside from building a family, the couple has stayed super busy. They have a new, unisex clothing line that they designed together called Jagger Snow for Zadig & Voltaire, that grew out of a hilariously common couple issue: stealing a partner’s clothes. Simpson admitted that she’s the bigger thief of the two, but it’s definitely not a one-sided thing.

Yeah, I have like a good like vintage rock t-shirt collection that you like to steal and I have like a lot of amazing kimonos that I feel like you like to,” she said.

Yeah, and she takes all my jackets,” he added.

The couple is also working on their new E! reality show, Ashlee and Evan, which will them raising a family and their work collaborating on their upcoming duet album.

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For Evan and Ashlee Simpson Ross, the day their daughter was born is one they won’t be forgetting anytime soon — for more reasons than one.

The spouses spoke to PEOPLE Thursday at the launch of their unisex Zadig & Voltaire line (called Jagger Snow, after their 2½-year-old daughter) in West Hollywood, California, where they recounted the hilarious events surrounding their little girl’s July 2015 birth.

Probably our parents coming in before it was time to come,” Ross, 29, says of the most memorable moment from the day. “I was like, ‘What are y’all doing?!’ ”

While [Ashlee] was having the baby, we said we were going to do it just us, but then we saw both our parents behind the curtain watching,” he adds. “Also, those nurses can’t stop my mom! Like, Diana Ross just walks in.”

Little Jagger is just as headstrong as her famous grandmother, having already developed her own fashion preferences and opinions to match.

I love dressing Jagger. It’s so much fun for me!” says Simpson Ross, 33, adding that she’s saving a collection of “vintage Chanel dresses” for Jagger when she grows up. “If she doesn’t like something, she’ll check it out in the mirror and tell me.”

Ross tells PEOPLE his wife’s 9½-year-old son Bronx Mowgli “is getting his own sense of style,” adding of Simpson Ross, “She’s very focused on dressing Jagger.”

The couple have their own unique suggestions for when they need a parenting timeout (“Sky Zone,” says Ross, while his musician wife chimes in, “Or nap time!”), but are on the same page when it comes to homework.

We’re both looking at it and I’m like, ‘You should know this,’ and she’s like, ‘No, you should know this,’ ” Ross jokes.

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// Article written by Laura //

We sat down with the mid-aughts icon and her husband Evan Ross ahead of the launch of their Zadig & Voltaire collaboration, which is just the beginning of their foray into fashion.

Ashlee Simpson may not have stolen your boyfriend, but she has definitely stolen her own boyfriend (now husband)’s clothes. “When we first started dating, I was loving his closet,” Simpson tells me at the Zadig & Voltaire store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, alongside her husband Evan Ross. “Evan has some pretty blouses, some awesome pants.” Both Rosses say they’ve always had a penchant for shopping both the men’s and women’s sections, long before they met, which has led them to their latest project together, a unisex line for the edgy French brand called Jagger Snow, named after their daughter. Prices range from about $100 for a T-shirt to $628 for a blazer.

It seems as though fashion is moving that direction, anyway; men are deciding not to just shop in men’s clothing; they can shop in women’s clothing, as well, and it opens the door to be able to have more options and more things to wear,” says Ross. “It’s nice to be on the forefront of doing something like that.”

For Ross, this willingness to shop outside gendered confines could be traced back to his upbringing — his mom is Diana Ross, after all. “I’ve always been inspired by my mom’s clothing, and she’s always said, ‘You set the trends, you don’t [follow them]; people don’t want it until you show them,'” he says. “As a young kid, we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted, which probably looked kind of crazy sometimes.” At one point, a young Ross wanted his own red suit after seeing his mom in one, and legendary designer-to-the-stars Bob Mackie ended up making him one.

Meanwhile, Simpson has always set herself apart from her famous older sister by having a tomboyish edge to her personal style. “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been interested in wearing boys clothes, as well,” she says. “I used to be like, ‘Mom, take me to the boys section!’” From dresses over pants to several belts layered over extremely low-waisted jeans, that resulted in some memorable looks in the mid-aughts. So, what does she think when she looks back at some of those looks? “It was also a time of expressing myself. I’m not embarrassed, but I can definitely look back on my old show and be like, ‘Wow! That was an interesting outfit,’ or old performances, I’m like, ‘Wow, Okay,’ but I think that’s what’s fun about style, is getting to go through different phases,” she says. “Even when I look back and I’m like, ‘What the heck were you wearing?’ I felt good that day.” Even better, a lot of the trends from that era are already starting to come back, and Simpson is here for it: “I’ve been into doing the vintage cami dresses [over a] T-shirt,” she says. She’s also very into the resurgence of kitten heels. “I think I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy, but I think I’ve come into more of a lady,” she says of her style now.

She works with stylist Natalie Saidi for red carpets and special events, but admits that day-to-day, she’ll sometimes wear the same outfit for days on end. “Sometimes I pick out something and I like to wear it all week until I’m photographed,” she says. But in preparing looks for the upcoming reality show she and Ross have been filming, she had to be careful to avoid repeats. “For the show, you have to have a bunch of outfits and so if we’re shooting a lot that week, then I need to know what I’m wearing that week,” she says, also lamenting the fact that logos aren’t really allowed on the show, given her vast vintage band T-shirt collection.

Simpson and Ross say they both have always been interested in fashion, and this Zadig & Voltaire capsule, which launches today, is just the beginning. They’re planning to launch their own full-blown unisex line together “soon,” and Simpson says she also has a fashion project of her own in the works, and that’s in addition to the couple’s reality show and new album, debuting later this summer. In conclusion? She’s back!

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Hello everyone! You can now buy Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross’ capsule collection, Jagger Snow, in collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire : here. The clothing line is really beautiful. Congratulations to Ashlee and Evan, they did an amazing job.


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Mixing personal and professional lives can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Not so for Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson-Ross as the two head into the launch of their capsule collection with Zadig & Voltaire, a new album and an E! reality TV series.

A lot of times when two people are in the industry, they spend a lot of time away from each other because that’s what work does, but it’s nice to collaborate with your wife and family,” Ross said. “We’re better together sometimes when it comes to the creative. It’s been a really, really fun experience.”

The two on Friday will see the launch of their unisex capsule with Zadig & Voltaire called Jagger Snow, which is named after their daughter. The 10-piece collection includes jackets, denim, T-shirts and hoodies pulling lyrics, such as “We don’t need permission to love,” from their co-produced album due out July 29.

Evan did the artwork and it has a lot of stuff to do with love and the idea of love,” Simpson-Ross explained.

Gender-neutral clothing also continues to gain traction and is becoming more than just a trend for the moment.

I feel like clothing is going in that direction anyway,” Ross said. “It was one of those things where you can’t go into a Bloomingdale’s and find a section that’s just for men and women. It’s a powerful movement because it opens the door to finding your identity in clothing.”

Ross and Simpson-Ross described the collection as very much in line with their own tastes and that of their friends. Ross called it a bit Parisian inspired and both said they were keen to make the line unisex based off their own tendency to share pieces from their wardrobes with each other.

Evan and I, since we first started dating, we’ve always shared clothes,” Simpson-Ross said. “I would rather wear my husband’s sweaters and shirts sometimes.”

We’ve always been able to switch clothes really well, but I think it’s [unisex collections] a cool movement and it gives men a lot more options of clothes they can wear and women as well,” Ross added.

The two will continue to explore and define their designer chops as they build out Jagger Snow, which Ross described as living in the boutique space with an emphasis on individual pieces bearing unique details and embellishments.

The couple have also invited the cameras into their lives with a docu-series on E! expected to premier in the fall that has followed them through the development of the collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire and the making of the album.

It’s our lives,” Ross said. “You see us as parents between work and parenting. There’s a lot of love in the show. It’s been an incredible process.”

It’s been nice working together. We get to spend more time together,” Simpson-Ross added. “Sharing the whole creative side, that’s been nice.

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